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Christ Church United Church of Christ is honored that you are considering having your wedding here.  We believe marriage to be a sacred and joyous covenant entered into by the couple, with God, in the presence of family and friends who witness the ceremony.  When a couple decides to be married in a Christian religious ceremony, they acknowledge a covenantal relationship with God. Christ Church considers this part of our ministry as we seek to be faithful in our own calling to serve God and others.  We look forward to working with you in making this a good beginning to a long and joyous life together. Click here to view wedding & reception pictures at Christ Church. 

The Pastor will meet with the bride and groom regarding planning the ceremony and premarital counseling.  When choosing your wedding date, please contact the church Secretary for availability, preferably six months in advance, as only one wedding is permitted per day.  Wedding ceremonies are not permitted on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, Easter, or New Year’s Eve.

To help you plan the use of our facilities, a Wedding Coordinator is provided at an additional cost.  She will answer any logistical questions you might have and will assist you at the wedding rehearsal and ceremony itself to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.  The church Secretary will provide contact information for the Wedding Coordinator.


Your wedding service is a service of worship rooted in historic and traditional Christian rituals.  The ordained minister who will preside at your wedding will make available to you an outline of the wedding service as usually conducted, but will also encourage you to participate in creating a service that honors the past, is faithful to traditions, and expresses your own love, lives and relationship.
Your ceremony may take place in one of the following church locations; Sanctuary, Chapel, Hoffman Hall, or the Prayer Garden.  Details regarding size, capacity, layout, etc. will be given to you by the church Secretary.

The Pastor of Christ Church will officate all weddings.  A marriage may not be performed at Christ Church by a clergy of another church without permimssion from the Pastor.  In the event the current Pastor is not available on your date, arrangements will be made by the Pastor for another UCC Pastor to officiate.  During your pre-wedding meetings  the Pastor will discuss the UCC ceremony and possible variations.

Music enriches the wedding ceremony.  The church organist will play at all weddings unless other arrangements are approved by the organist.  Additional muscians and/or soloists may be contracted only with the prior approval of the church.  Music chosen for the wedding should be appropriate for a worship service.  The organist will be happy to discuss and assist in the selection of appropriate music.
Music for additional musicians is to be provided by the couple in consultation with the organist and must be received two months prior to the wedding date.  Special organ music requests, within reason, must be submitted to the organist at least three months in advance of the wedding date.  Otherwise, music will be provided from the organist’s standard wedding repertoire.

Our sound equipment is specially designed for our church and therefore has restricted access.  Because of this, we have a sound technician coordinate microphones, amplifiers, music and other audio devices.  The sound technician will need to be present during each session – the ceremony rehearsal, vocal rehearsals, and the ceremony. There may be an additional charge for a sound technician.

Wedding Coordinator
The Wedding Coordinator will assist with planning your ceremony, decorating the church, access into the church for rehearsal and wedding day, assisting the bride with last minute details, and closing the church afterwards.  If you are using a professional bridal consultant, all details of the ceremony at Christ Church are under the direction of the Pastor and Wedding Coordinator.  The Wedding Coordinator will also assist with the arrival of any outside vendors.  An additional fee applies (see Fees).  Please contact Jill Draper by email or 859-802-4524 after securing your date and paying the deposit to schedule an appointment to review your wedding needs.

To maintain the integrity of the religious ceremony, guests are not permitted to take pictures during the cermony itself.  Professional photographers are NOT permitted to take flash photos during the service.  Professional videography is allowed providing that additional lighting is not required.  Family photos may be taken before or after the ceremony.  It is suggested you include a written statement in your wedding bulletin or program that flash photography is not permitted during the ceremony.

The marriage license should be obtained from the Recorder of Deeds in the county in which you are getting married (not the county in which you reside) at least a week before the wedding, as you are required by law to wait five days before the marriage can take place.  Christ Church is located in Campbell County. The Pastor will need to see the license at the rehearsal to make ensure there are no problems the day of the wedding.

Hoffman Hall is available for the wedding reception at an additional cost.  Alcohol use is strictly limited to Hoffman Hall area only. Guests and members of the wedding party that exhibit excessive consumption of alcohol may be requested to leave the premises by the Pastor or other church representative.  Receptions require up to eight weeks for approval so please plan accordingly.  More specific details and event forms are available from the church Secretary at 441-2565.

General Information
We will do all we can to prepare  the buildings and grounds to be clean, respectful and a special place for your wedding.  Please return this respect as this is where we worship and praise God.  Christ Church is a tobacco free environment and we request that any use of tobacco be limited to the parking lot.  Confetti and rice are not permitted on church property.  Bird seed or bubbles may be used outside.  Please use artificial rose petals if using a flower girl as real rose petals may stain the carpet.  Aisle runners are not recommended as this is a liability issue for the wedding party and the church.  There is a nursery that would be available for your use, however, you must provide the babysitter.