St. John UCC (Newport) Hosting Great Pumpkin Fest


Cincinnati Zoo to visit Sunday Worship

Cincinnati Zoo on the move!

In a more intimate setting a knowledgeable zoo educator will engage your group in a fun and interactive program highlighting the amazing adaptations and survival stories of 3 Zoo animal ambassadors. We will talk about the important role each species plays and ways we can all become involved in protecting wildlife and wild places. During this program participants will have the opportunity to touch and/or interact with amazing animals.

Join us Sunday for a special program for all ages (yes parents, you’re invited too) at 9:30 a.m.

Sunday’s Children’s Summer of Creativity Class: Scipture Sensory Workshop

The Children’s Summer of Creativity program will continue Sunday with a Scripture Sensory Workshop.

Music Together

Children and their parents will practice techniques for integrating scripture into daily life using the senses and appealing to each child’s preference for Godly Play.

Children will have fun activities to bring home after the session and parents will have ideas for incorporating play into worship time.