Johnson Hullabaloo Silent Auction Offering Online, Mobile Bidding

The annual Johnson Elementary Hullabaloo is this Saturday, October 1, from 10-5 but you don’t have to wait until then to get in on the action!  Or should we say, auction?


That’s right, for the first time ever, this year’s Hullabaloo Silent Auction will feature online/mobile bidding and the bidding starts now!  The process really could not be any easier and allows for a number of major advantages, see below:

1)      Bids are anonymous so no one knows who is bidding on what; you only know if you’re winning the item or not.

2)      You get real-time text message updates as to whether you have the winning bid or if you’ve been outbid.

3)      You can set an automatic bid so that any time you’re outbid on an item, you automatically bid higher, up to a maximum bid that you set!

4)      If you can’t be present at the auction site at 5 pm when the bidding closes, you CAN still win the item by putting the highest bid in from your smart phone.

5)      Check-out is very easy as the site links to your credit card and automatically charges you for the items you’ve won.  You can opt-out, though, and pay by check if preferred.

6)      If you don’t end up winning anything in the auction, you can still be a WINNER and make a donation to ensure the future of our children!

So, the silent auction site is LIVE now and accepting bids (I think many have already been made!).  If you do NOT have a smart phone or prefer to view the items in person before bidding, that’s great too!  As always, we will have the items on display in the gymnasium and workers will be present to assist you with the bidding process.  So, check out the items online now and be sure to check back later in the week as more items will be added including the classroom baskets you’ve all worked so hard to make.  Additionally, once we’re closer to the event you’ll need to go back in and link your credit card.

Here are the details:

  • The auction is hosted by Gesture
  • It’s online now and can be found here
  • Click on the provided link, register for the event, view the items and begin BIDDING!

After you register you will get a welcome text message.

There are 4 ways to bid:

  • By Smartphone

Click the link in your registration text. It will take you to a personal bidding page. Click on an item and place a bid, it’s that simple.

  • By Text

Text the 3-digit item number and amount to the welcome message you receive, (i.e. 101 500), no dollar signs or decimals are needed.

  • By Computer

Click on an item and place a bid.

  • By “Personal Shopper”

Find a Gesture staff member in GREY at the event. They will be happy to place your bids for you.

The link to all the items is here.  Have fun and bid the items high for a GREAT cause!