The Busam Buddies Need Some Help

Help Keep This Ministry Alive!

There and many steps involved in making our blankets which do not require stitching, and “we’ll get by with a little help from our friends.”

If you are willing to do some pressing fabric, and/or helping with the tracing and cutting of hands, please let Nancy Witte [441-7478] or Bonnie Hitch [441-4423] know.

If you still have blankets that need to be stitched, we would appreciate hearing from you as to whether or not you are still able to do them.

We really do want to keep this ministry alive if we can because we know it is appreciated by the blanket recipients. And don’t we all love seeing babies wrapped in the white blankets?? We can keep doing it with a bit more help.


Need to Know: Clarifying The New Pledging Process


We seem to have some confusion about what the intentions are with the changes we are making to the pledge process.  With elimination of the direct pledging to OCWM and our local charities we have no intention of eliminating our giving to either one.  Our goal is to coordinate the giving better and ensure what we give supports the valued charities we want to support.

With this change we will introduce a tithe for the Church, and if we tithe with 10%, we will give more to charities in 2017 than we did with our directed giving to OCWM and Local Charities in 2016.  Some of the tithe will come from our church budget and some of it will come from the Endowment Fund.  We will continue to abide by all the rules of where earned income from our Endowment Fund can be used.  By utilizing some of the earned income from Endowment for our charities it will allow us to utilize more of our giving to support the Church Mission.

Most importantly consolidating our giving into one budget will allow us to give more financially with outside ministries (like Washington UCC) and non-profits (like Hosea House) that we deeply care about are already invested in. Please reach out to Pastor Ryan or members of Finance or the Council if you have any questions.

Volunteers Needed for Family Promise Guests

We will be hosting Family Promise NKY guests the week beginning Nov. 13. The sign-up board is in the narthex. We are in need of dinner preparers, van drivers, evening hosts and overnight hosts. Anyone who is available to assist us that week, please sign up to serve this ministry.