Who we are


This is our promise.  Come as you are, and we’ll welcome and support you in your personal journey towards receiving God’s grace and listening for God’s voice in your life.

Christ Church has been in Fort Thomas, Ky., for a long time – more than 100 years. We’re part of a worldwide denomination called the United Church of Christ.  One feature of the UCC is that local congregations are able to make many decisions for themselves. This is a great thing at Christ Church, because we are a community of doers. Got an idea for a need that the church could help meet? Bring it up, and you’re likely to find many people willing to lend a hand.

Normally Christ Church offers two types of worship services on Sunday.  At 9 a.m., our traditional service features a choir, organist and a set of rituals that will be familiar to those who grew up in the Protestant church. By contrast, our 11 a.m. non-traditional service is less structured. The music spans different genres from contemporary to praise and even rock or classical , and our band members play guitars, drums and piano.

Beginning Sunday, Feb. 28 and lasting for 90 days, there will be one worship service only on Sundays, as part of Christ Church’s ReVisioning process. To learn more go: here 

Christ Church has no particular dress code on Sundays. When we say, “Come as you are,” we mean it. Our pastor, the Rev. Ryan Byers, gives sermons that are friendly and upbeat.  He likes to throw in some humor.  Thinking of visiting Christ Church for the first time? Wonderful! In addition to using this website as your guide, we invite you to contact Pastor Ryan with any questions you may have. You can email him or call/text at 859-609-1743.

We understand that not everyone can make it on Sunday, and that’s okay. It’s not the only way to take your spiritual journey with us. Christ Church offers various opportunities throughout the year to learn more about the Christian faith, volunteer in the community and enjoy the fellowship of other members. All the latest happenings are announced on our Facebook page as well as the Announcements blog here on our web site.  In addition, you can always contact our office to ask questions or get more information.

We look forward to getting to know you!

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