Prayer Blankets

This is a very special ministry of Christ Church.

Since 2004, a group has come together regularly to sew onto small blankets the fabric outline of Christ Church members’ hands. The blankets are then distributed to people in need of comfort during difficult times.

The official name of the group is “Project Praying Hands in Loving Memory of David Busam,” or “Busam Buddies” for short. David Busam was a young husband and father and member of Christ Church.  He had a serious lung disease and was the inspiration for this project, which was to provide a symbolic laying on of hands to those in need of healing and prayer. Unfortunately, David died before he received a blanket, and the first one was given to his wife and children.

MarciaBlanketMessageThe feedback from those who receive the blankets is very positive and inspirational.  The ministry has expanded and includes giving blankets to infants and others after they are Baptized service and to former pastors of Christ Church to symbolize continuing prayers of the congregation.

If you would like to participate, email Bonnie Hitch or call her at 859-441-4423  to find out the next scheduled times to either leave a tracing of your hand on fabric in the front lobby or Sunday School, cut out fabric in preparation for sewing or sew hands onto blankets.

Thank you!